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We encourage all families to apply for Educational Benefits to confirm eligibility for Free and Reduced lunch. ALL Students will be paying for lunch in 2022-23 school year. If eligible for nutrition benefits, the student will also receive reduced activities fees. To learn more and to apply for benefits, go HERE




To register your student for an activity, please have the following information:  

1. A valid parent email address

2. Families of students that already have an account, log in, select new registration, and select your winter activity. All other answers should be save d from last registration and only need to be edited if information has changed.

3. For New Families.  You will need your student's ID # - Can be found on their most recent report card, or their previous student picture ID.  Your student will know this number! 

4. Your Student's Last Name

5. Scroll down for information on sports physicals and transfer information.

6. If your student is a middle school student participating in their first AHS activity, you will need to contact the activity office to ensure your student is entered into the system. Once entered you will then be able to return and complete registration. The middle school registration fee, as of July 18, 2022, is now the same as the high school registration fee for that activity.

7. All Middle School Students have to be approved by Head Coach and Activities Director before registering. 

8. All students have to have a current physical on file with the activity office and be in good academic standing to participate in games, practices, rehearsals, and/or tryouts.


Where can I get a Sports Physical? 
You may use your own doctor or clinic for a physical or these are some other options that may be available to you. Call ahead to confirm fee information and hours. Please bring a MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Clearance form with you when you visit. 

Download the 2022-23 Sports Qualifying Physical HERE

  • Apex Chiropractic, New Hope – 763.533.0654 – Same day appointments for about $20**
  • Minute Clinic at CVS Pharmacy and some Target locations, will do walk-in sports physicals for about $69**
  • Some Urgent Care/Express clinics may do sports physicals. 

Prices may change. Please call to confirm Armstrong High School does not endorse any of these options for Sports Physicals. It is the decision of the parent as to where the may bring their student for a physical.

If you are transferring from a different high school, you will need to complete a MSHSL Transfer Form, please email to Rebecca_Enderlein@Rdale.org . This form must be received before the student is able to participate. 





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If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please address it to:

Rebecca Enderlein - Activities Assistant